We all remember when the “close friends” list was invented. Instagram space took a whole new meaning with this newest feature implemented. To this day, it was one of the features that gained the largest amount of traction and hype around the social media application. 

What is the close friend’s list on Instagram? 

The close friend’s list is a list of selected friends from your followers who has access to private Instagram stories. The close friend’s list gave people the chance to express a different version of themselves, or rather express their true selves to their closest friends and family. Some even use it to get away from their family. Some use it to purely post for their family. However you may use it, it allows us to create a selective circle in the large pool of followers and followings. 

A lot of people use the feature close friends. But the question is with the number of people who use it, is this an appropriate feature for an entrepreneur or a business page? 

There is a number of ways a business can use the various Instagram features. They can use reels, music, videos, posts, blog guides and so many more. But close friends pose a question on how to use it? 

Promotional Offers And Strategized Content

Having a small pool of followers in your close friend’s list makes it easier to offer them promotional codes, discounts, and special offers. Promotions are one of the most effective ways of building a customer fan base. But the purpose of promotional efforts in your close friend’s list is to giving your top followers exclusive benefits. This helps differentiate yourself from your competitors and helps you remain the top brand for your followers. 

Business To Business Relationships 

You may be a business serving customers but if you also deal with other businesses, make sure you foster a relationship with them. And adding them to your close friend’s list is a great way to build a relationship with these businesses. The businesses could even be online marketing social media Malaysia or your suppliers or even your freelance designers. It is important to maintain a good relationship with those who are responsible for your sustainable growth. 

Product Launches 

It is important to create buzz and hype around your new products. And what better place than among your top followers and loyal fans to create buzz. They carry the word of mouth and they will feel special for being the first ones to hold the news of product launches. The first customers may also be your followers from the close friend’s list. 

Building A Relationship With Your Loyal Fans 

The whole point of a close friend’s list is to make them feel closer and special. So we sure hope a business can utilize the close friends feature to make loyal fans feel extra special. Your loyal fans are the reason for your growth so make sure to create an engaging space on your close friend’s list with them. They can give you ideas and you can implement them in your business as well.

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