Global warming has a negative impact on the world populations as well as on all the diverse forms of life. It has affected the ecosystems, natural habitats of the animals. Similarly, it has also wreaked havoc in the human settlements by displacing hundreds of thousands from their homes. There are flash floods, unpredictable rains and heavy snowfalls along with the long spells of droughts worldwide. The environmental experts believe that all these predicaments are caused by the unscrupulous human activity and many causes behind the global warming are man induced.

The industrial activity and combustion of carbon dioxide has increased the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which have damaged the ozone layer to an alarming level. As a result of this damage, the direct ultraviolet rays of the sun have triggered a storm of diseases with carcinogenic impacts in human populations. Even the plant life has also been damaged by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Despite all this human suffering, the industrialized nations seem reluctant to take corrective measures for reversing this phenomenon because to them their economic interest are dearer than the world’s overall welfare. We as human beings must take measures to tell the world that the damage we are causing to our planet is almost irreversible.

A wise and sustainable use of all the resources of the world would be judicious enough to maintain and sustain succeeding human generations otherwise things would slip out of control. In this regard, scuba diving can be a useful art to observe that how much human activity has damaged the marine life and our oceans. In fact, scuba diving and open water courses are not only useful for as sports but their scientific importance cannot be denied. The environmental activists can use scuba diving and open water courses to report the damage that has been caused to the aquatic life beneath the water. An example of this sort of activism already exists in the recent human history. Muhammad Nasheed, the then president of Maldives back in 2009, held his entire cabinet meeting beneath the water through the help of scuba diving to show the world that how the planet earth in general and his island country in particular was endangered by the rising level of seas caused by the global warming and subsequent melting of glaciers. This indeed was a unique message in a unique way that had lasting impact on the environmental policy makers as well as the implementers.

However, it now seems that the world has forgot this message. Now it for the environmental activists to use the art of scuba diving for such a noble cause. If you have no experience of scuba diving, no worries. The scuba diving islands in Malaysia and PADI diving destinations are the best places to give you the best training through open water courses and padi diving classes. All you need to have is determination and love for earth and its environment and passion for learning scuba diving.  

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