Malaysia is a lot of things. They are known for their exotic beauty, beautiful mountains,s modern skyscrapers, deep coffee scene, the artsy crowds, beautiful batik, the multicultural society and so many more.

Malaysia is well known for its architecture too. I mean, hello Petronas twin towers! The twin towers are just one of the many wonders of Malaysia. Many argue that Malaysia’s biggest charm is its culture and its food. And today, I have to agree with that too. 

Malaysia is one of the most culturally richest countries around the world. Home to so many different ethnicities, religions, and so many different cusine. The melting pot for so many different cuisines, people are in for a treat in this country. The food is one of the most enjoyable things in the country. The plethora of flavor waiting for you in Malaysia is endless. You will meet so many different textures,s  tastes, flavors in different corners of Malaysia. What you might eat in West Malaysia might blow you away just as much as what you eat in the East part of Malaysia. 

But are you sure you can handle the richness of the food? The spices and the deliciousness? 

Let’s talk about why Malaysian food is the best!

The Best Of Meat And Seafood 

You will never run out of options in this beautiful country. Even if you visit an average food stall, you will be surprised with the various options of seafood, mutton, and chicken. Seafood comes in prawns, crabs, fish, and even octopuses. As for mutton and chicken, you can get it however you desire. Do you enjoy your mutton or chicken friend? No worries, you get that at every shop in Malaysia. You can also enjoy the beauty of chicken soup, chicken grilled, chicken curry, and mutton in a creamy rich broth, mutton in beef glass noodle soup, mutton with the richness of hot pepper and so many more. Whether you are a blogger, a metal roof expert, a teacher, or even a doctor, you cannot resist the delicious varieties of food in Malaysia. 

Coconut Goodness

A major component of Malaysian food is coconut. Given the number of palm trees, we are hardly surprised by the fact Malaysia loves coconut. Coconut is lathered on to every possible dessert in Malaysia. People use every little bit of the coconut, even parts you would not imagine using. They make it into creamy curries, use it in the rice mix, make ice cream, make milkshakes that are perfect for the tropical weather, and the list just goes on! You are also going to run into the most delicious varieties of desserts made out of coconut in Malaysia. Malaysians truly take pride in their usage of coconut. 

The Spice Heaven 

Malaysians love their spice. The hotter, the better! I know what you are thinking. How do people handle the heat of the food in an already hot and humid country? Malaysians find their way to quench their spiciness with the sweetness of juice and teas. They have a variety of juices made from fresh fruits including strawberries from Cameron highlands, pineapple, guava, lychee, and coconut, all fresh from the farms. They also have an awesome variety of teas that can be served both hot and cold that you will absolutely love. 

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