Handheld gaming consoles or handheld consoles for short, are small portable gaming consoles that you can play video games on and carry it, and bring it virtually anywhere. They are best used and played with at certain situations. For example, while waiting for the bus, or during a flight. Handheld consoles have come a long way since the early days of the Nintendo Gameboy when it was made all the way back in the mid 90s. Over the years, the technology of handheld gaming has improved severely. In recent years, we have advanced handheld gaming consoles that can even connect to the internet to play multiplayer games through Wi-Fi. For more articles like this one, click here.

With many advanced features that come with most handheld gaming consoles these days, it’s amazing to look back at the history of portable gaming when it comes to handheld gaming consoles. In this article we will be listing some of the best handheld gaming consoles to help you entertain yourself while you are on a break from working as one of the top 10 malaysia forex broker. With a handheld gaming console, you can practically take your gaming anywhere and not have to restrict yourself to one spot unlike with a console or a desktop PC. We will begin to list the three best handheld consoles that you can buy now.

  1. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is clearly the best Nintendo system in years that allows you to play without any problems, whether at home or on foot. Two ways to play are available in the hybrid console. You can connect the Switch to a dock in your home and then play on your TV with a normal controller. Just unplug your switch from your dock if you have to go anywhere, clip the Joy-Con controller on either side of the unit and carry it wherever. The gameplay environment is almost identical; the game session does not even have to be stopped.

  1. New Nintendo 2DS XL

An excellent machine, two big, colourful displays, a style that makes the device easy to stick into a bag or pocket, and a vast catalogue of great games is the New Nintendo 2DS XL. The Zelda, Mario and Animal Crossing have some of their finest portable installments in the 2DS family of systems. The console is also well equipped with third-party titles from Square Enix, Atlus and Capcom favourites. The 2DS XL may not be around for much longer, if we are honest. Nintendo seems to have placed all the eggs in the Switch Basket, making it more difficult for the 2DS XL to find.

  1. Playstation Vita

The second entry Sony made into the market for the portable console is a fantastic product – but, alas, it was abandoned many years ago. You have to track a used one via eBay, Amazon or CeX if you want a PS Vita. But it’s worth looking for one if you’re a fan of strange and beautiful handheld games. Second-hand game cartridges can be found pretty inexpensively, and some excellent editions of unique indie games are still available to you. You can also digitally purchase new titles from the PlayStation Store – and as the Vita is region-free, you can take a lot of Japanese games, where the PS Vita is still solid.