In this era of technology, people tend to use social media to communicate with each other but sometimes they forget that social media can also be bad for them. We are too comfortable with life on social media until we forget how bad it can be to us. If you still do not know, let’s us list some things that we think about why social media is bad such as reduce productivity, addiction, cyberbullying. Pretty sure after this you will be more careful about social media.

  1. Reduce productivity

Do you know why many old folks out there have good health? It is because when they were young, they really active in their life. When they feel bored, they find something that will give them benefit like cooking, jogging, reading. If we see the young generation nowadays, when they feel bored they tend to open their social media and keep scrolling it until they feel bored. If they feel bored, they continue scrolling others’ social media and repeat the same thing. You see this is really bad for their life because they do nothing else and just scrolling their social media. 

  1. Can be addictive

Social media can make you feel addicted and that is a really bad thing. It is because the scrolling is never going to end. Not only that, there are many social media apps and you are not using only one. When you feel bored with one, you will open and scrolling another one and it keeps repeat such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, Snapchat, Telegram, Youtube, Whatsapp, and many more. You can avoid spending time so long scrolling social media app by setting the limit. You can go to your phone setting and set how long you can use the app and if you reach the limit it will block the app for a day and keep using it you need to wait for the next day. Click here for more.

  1. Cyberbullying

This is a really bad thing on social media that currently popular this day. Back then, usually, students will get bullied by their friends but in this era of technology, it is getting worst because it is quite hard to find the bully. When they bullied their victim, they can hide if they want to because people might do not know them, especially where to find the bullier. It is such a bad attitude for those who are bullier their victim because they only dare to bully weak people.

All these 3 things are not the only thing why social media is bad. There are many more reasons and things out there such as misinformation and fake news but we cannot always look at the bad side. There are also many positive things especially in marketing such as gain more customers. There are many social media companies Malaysia out there that offer marketing in social media. If you like to know more about that you can click here for the best social media companies Malaysia in Kelana Jaya to discover the top social media companies Malaysia.