5 Things about your newborn

The whole process of having a baby at home can be a roller coaster. They make your life so wonderful with different kinds of experiences they create for you every day. There are moments when they will surprise you, shock you, and make you laugh. If you are expecting the arrival of your little one or already have one or more than one at home, you can read this article to get to know about them even more. 

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Babies cry to communicate with you

Parents tend to worry when their newborn cries and it is completely understandable. But babies can cry for so many reasons. They will let you know things by crying. So they can cry a lot more than what you had in mind. There are many emotions they may go through such as hunger, annoyance, discomfort, and sleepiness. No matter what the emotion is, they will communicate with you by crying. So look out for why they are crying and you can be fluent in their language. The more you spend time with them, the more you can find out what they are trying to convey to you. Nobody will know your child more than you do!

Babies tend to not sleep at night

It is a known fact that babies need to sleep for a healthy amount of time. According to the fact, they will also sleep a lot. However, babies also can be awake a lot more at night. On top of that, they will also tend to wake up every few hours. So parents there will be some days when you have to go through some sleepless nights. Be ready for it! These sleepless nights are only until they get trained with the proper sleeping patterns.     

Babies skin are sensitive

Babies’ skins are very soft and their skin can not handle harsh things on them. So the parents need to always make sure to buy them baby-proof clothes and products to prevent them from getting any rashes or itchiness. Parents also have to be careful about the type of clothes they buy for their babies. The material of clothes and diapers needs to be considered before buying for your newborn. A rough type of material can be harsh on a newborn’s skin. It is better to buy clothes that are made up of cotton so that they will be easy on their skin. You can try buying some gentle cream for nappy rashes in Malaysia. 

Spend time with your baby

It is important to spend time with them, frequently for them to register your face. Though babies can remember their mother’s smell and can differentiate the other smells and their mother’s smell. You and your kids have a strong bond right when they are in your belly. Both parents need to spend time with their baby frequently to maintain a strong bond with their baby. 

Babies can be noisy

They will often try to talk to you in their language and can be pretty loud when they are comfortable around you. You get to enjoy the noises from the little one

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