A Brief Guide To Internet Service Providers (ISP) In Malaysia

The pandemic caught everyone off guard when it began. People were anxious and unsure of the future that lies ahead. You may have had the same feeling when it started back in early 2020 too. New protocols and restrictions were implemented by each country’s authorities. Some followed accordingly, some were against them. However, the one thing everyone knew was that their normal way of life will be changing. 

The new normal had everyone learning and working from home. Only certain workers were allowed at their stations. Those conducting their work at home were forced to change their lifestyle to follow the protocols implemented for the safety of all. 

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People were made to conduct their tasks and assignments through their electronic devices. This would be particularly stressful for people who are not familiar with these devices and their software. A large part of society had to adapt to using applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 

Eventually, people got used to the new normal and continued their way of life. Yes, we need to wear masks when we’re out of the house. Yes, we need to apply copious amounts of hand sanitizer every time we enter or leave a place. But, it is the only way we can live right now with new variants popping up every other month. 

However, the problem with everyone being at home is that it increases internet usage, and unfortunately, there may not be enough to go around. The majority of people at home use their devices to not only conduct meetings but also stream movies and series in their free time. Internet Service Providers (ISP) worked on ways these problems could be overcome. 

Therefore, in order to work from home efficiently, you should have seamless and strong broadband connections. A suitable ISP would be able to provide a stable and fast connection that can satisfy the needs of each member of a home. Jom Apply, one of the more reliable internet service providers guarantees these standards to every house in Malaysia. 

This company offers three major internet services which include Jom Apply has TM Package Unifi, Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre Plan, and TIME Fibre Malaysia. 

Jom Apply has TM Package Unifi

What should you do when you are choosing an ISP for your home? There are three types and this includes ADSL, fibre, and wireless.

ADSL is assured to be a broadband connection you will find in the area of your home. The reason for this is because it is the oldest form of broadband connection. However, it is also the cheapest and slowest among the three types. 

On the other hand, fibre provides high-speed internet that allows you to enjoy it smoothly. This choice would be the best if you are sharing your home with many people, and use multiple electronic devices simultaneously.

The third type of ISP includes a wireless connection. A type of connection that is similar to fibre in many ways except that it relies on wide area network (WWAN) or wireless local area network (WLAN). Additionally, this type of network is also portable. 

It would be wise to conduct your research that intensively covers all aspects of ISPs before you make your purchase and choice. 

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