When Raymond Bonnett of West Chester, PA, isn’t studying or attending class for his master’s in business at West Chester University, one of his favourite things to do is sit down and read a nice book. As a matter of fact, if you run into Ray Bonnett in West Chester, PA, at any given time, there’s likely a book about professional/leadership development, investing, or entrepreneurship in his hands.

From all of his reading for pleasure, as well as the studying and learning he does as a graduate-level college student in West Chester, PA, Raymond Bonnett has developed a wide-ranging knowledge base on business and loves sharing his expertise with others.

To touch on one area of business that Raymond Bonnett finds particularly fascinating, he’s here to give some of his thoughts on entrepreneurship and how to be successful at it. Part of the reason Ray Bonnett is in West Chester, PA, to earn his MBA is that he wants to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurial practices—what works and what doesn’t.

During his time so far in West Chester, PA, Raymond Bonnett has picked up on the following keys to being a successful entrepreneur.

Never stop learning: Anyone who thinks they know it all is greatly mistaken. There’s something to be learned every day and you should always strive to be a lifelong learner. Especially with the internet these days, learning has never been easier.

Hang around relatable people: Sometimes the people you surround yourself with just don’t understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. There might even be people around you who discourage you and make it harder for you to succeed. Try to surround yourself with as many like-minded and relatable people as you can who will encourage you and help you achieve your goals.

Don’t let adversity keep you down: Everyone faces adversity at one time or another. But you can’t let it keep you down. You have to find the good in every situation and keep pushing forward. There are lessons to be learned in every failure.

Be committed: You must be fully committed to your business and stay focused on its growth. Having one foot out the door in case something goes wrong is not the mindset of a true entrepreneur.

Stay tenacious: Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t all about intelligence and skill. It’s also about determination, confidence and being tenacious enough to surpass the competition.

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