Adult Toys: Friend Or Foe?

The usage of adult toys in relationships is becoming less of a taboo and more of a common occurrence. The climate surrounding adult toys and sexual relationships is gradually changing with time. Most western countries have long-established sex toy shops and outlets. So, they have almost no problem discussing the usage of these toys in their relationships. 

However, Malaysia is quite far behind in the usage of adult toys. They are slowly catching up, but there is still an existing stigma that surrounds the topic. Malaysia tends to be slow in moving forward in certain topics, and one of them remains to be sex and sexuality. Despite that, the younger generation is working towards a future where these topics can be openly discussed.

One of the few misconceptions about buying an adult toy is that it proves that you are the best performer in the bedroom. In a relationship between a man and a woman, men tend to be particular about their performance in the bedroom. They assume that buying a toy could somehow lead their partner to believe that they are failing to do their job well.

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This type of thinking is outdated because of two reasons. 

It is okay to not be good in bed

Humans are not automatically good in bed. It is a skill that is nurtured over time. Even if you do not reach that stage, you should know it is perfectly fine. You should not be ashamed of it, it is perfectly fine to have flaws. 

You should get rid of this ridiculous notion that you have to be perfect when performing. It will mentally drain you and leave you without confidence. This will also be reflected in your partner, they may feel distant and grow further away from you.

The first step in ensuring that you and your partner are comfortable in your sexual relationship is talking to each other. Men, tell your partner how you feel, admit your insecurities and discuss your worries. In turn, your partner will be grateful to you, and they will come to share your feelings as well. 

Both you and your partner can figure out each other’s desires together. The both of you can explore new activities that can be carried out in the bedroom. Maybe try new positions, including foreplay, and try out sex toys. 

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Adult toys are friends not foes

As previously mentioned, men tend to view adult toys as an invasion of their relationship. A foe of some kind, something that challenges their masculinity. There is even a saying that goes ‘A real man can satisfy his partner without any help’. This thinking is destructive and unhealthy. 

You have to look at adult toys as something that can heighten your experience with your partner. An addition to your night to increase your quench both of your sexual drive. The session will end with both parties satisfied beyond belief. 

So, if you have finally decided that an adult toy would do you good, buy one. Secret Cherry a famous online sex toys store in Malaysia offers its customers a variety of choices to choose from. 

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