Things We Should Normalize And Never Be Embarrassed Of

Our lifestyle has been somewhat dictated by preconceived notions pre-established by the society fairly long ago, making them an unwritten rule of how things should work. Though not all pose a threat to the betterment of the society, some are considered as intervening our path to advancement; for example, stereotypes, toxic masculinity, body shaming, racism, are what has been passed down by our older generations as though heirlooms being inherited throughout generations. This article aims to address some of the preconceived notions miseducating the public, and why we should debunk them to reach wholesome advancement. Bear in mind that advancement encompasses multiple distinct aspects apart from technology, one most significant being the society’s open-mindedness. 

Expressing Of Emotions

This is of uttermost paramount for the male community who have been instructed upon birth to act as manly as they possibly could without disclosing their vulnerability. That is in fact, a toxic mentality inflicted amongst them because notwithstanding individuals’ gender, they are entitled to express their thoughts and feelings the way they intended. Many men suppressed their emotions owing to this and ended up facing severe mental health issues. Expressing our emotions has nothing to do with our gender, but our health in short. By letting out your despair, it allows individuals to release their stress in a rather healthy way than resorting to activities such as smoking, drugging, initiating conflicts with others and so on and so forth. We need to thus debunk this very foremost stumbling block to advancement and promote the importance of expressions. 

Sex Life 

Though sex is one of the biggest taboo across some conservative cultures, it is one of the most fundamental aspects of human’s life. Men and women engaged in sexual intercourses to produce offsprings, hence the population the world holds today. However, sex life does not merely apply to couples and married couples, yet rather individuals of whom are single are entitled to spice up their sex life equivalently. How is what you may ask, and we encourage through the very utilization of sex toys. Many stereotype the usage of sex toys as outrageous and disgusting, and it calls for a debunk! How is satisfying your own sexual desire disgusting? At least we do not coerce others into satisfying our own pleasure and thus violating them; that is disgraceful then. 

In addition to that, we do not essentially need a partner to spice up our sex life because sex toys malaysia houses a wealth of selections you may find engrossing to try out. 

In A Nutshell

These are the merely two preconceived notions established by the ignorance of society and there are more left uncovered. In this fairly modernized era, apart from our proficiency in utilizing digital technology, remember to brush up the ways we perceive certain things; because what we believe in may already long be outdated.

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