Top 3 Best Affordable Internet Packages

In Malaysia, there are several distinct types of internet bundles. Some differ from the lowest package rates, but at much lower speeds, and some vary at much higher speeds from the most expensive. If you need guidance trying to determine which internet bundle is the best one for you, this article is here to help. It depends on a variety of variables to settle on an acceptable internet kit. Some of these variables include how much cash you make, how many friends you live with, how you spend your time online, how you watch content, how you play sports, how you make large downloads, and many more. If you think you can afford a large, fast-speed internet bundle and you are an avid internet user who watches movies, plays video games, and downloads enormous files, select the best internet package for you by all means.

We will be listing the top three best affordable internet packages in Malaysia such as the TM Unifi package. If you are tight on a budget and are looking to save money by looking for an affordable internet plan, we are here to help with this article. If you are living in a small house with another person, you might not need the fastest internet speeds for expensive prices. You might only need basic internet speeds to do some light streaming or only need to use the internet to do online work. We will be listing the three best affordable internet packages below.

  1. TM Unifi – 100mbps at RM189

TM’s Unifi fiber broadband internet plans range from RM149 per month to RM349 per month with the speeds ranging from 30mbps to 800mbps. For the most affordable package that is the most bang for buck, The 100mbps internet plan for RM189 per month is the most suitable. This option is the most suitable for those who want fast internet speeds without paying too much money per month. 100 mbps is fast enough for those who download small files and do light music, video and movie streaming. It’s also one of the cheapest prices that TM Unifi offers.

  1. Maxis fibre – 100mbps at RM129

Maxis offers great choices of internet plans for all affordability levels. Also, with prices that are cheaper than TM’s range of internet packages. Maxis’ packages range from RM89 per month to RM299 per month with the speeds ranging from 30mbps to unifi 800mbps as well. For the most affordable internet package with speeds that are worth the price, we recommend the 100mbps plan for RM129. For those who want good internet speeds without costing too much money per month, this alternative is the most suitable. For those uploading small files and doing light audio, video and movie streaming, 100 mbps is fast enough.

  1. TM internet – 100mbps at RM99

Time delivers very good broadband speeds but only for those who are lucky enough to live in a condominium. Time sells their internet packages at even cheaper costs. Since the condominium internet is relatively easy to set up and does not enable TM to use the service lines given, at a fraction of the cost of TM’s services, Time is able to deliver lightning fast speeds. You can go from 100mbps at RM99 per month to 1Gbps at RM189 per month.  For the most affordable internet package with speeds that are worth the price, we recommend the 100mbps plan for RM99. This is one of the cheapest internet plan prices for this internet speed, making this the most affordable internet plan out there. For more articles related to this one, click here

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